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Hey Everyone!! This is a really important post so I need your attention.

I’m holding up commissions because I’m in need of money. I won’t give out my reasons due to the fact they’re pretty personal so I need your help.

I can do pretty much extremely detailed pieces (human wise) realistic to anime wise. 
I use traditional art— and can color from chalk to watercolor to highlighter. I will also sketch and ink. I will scan and later mail it to you if you want that. :)

I’ll draw for you whatever you want— nsfw, fanart, or your own OC! I would need references though so please email me at and I check it alot so. 

Any important note???

  • Mechas and Animals goes with the realistic sketches. I am not that familiar in drawing them but that doesn’t mean I can try. :)



  • chibi/bust sketch


  • chibi/bust colored (media of choice)
  • full body sketch (pencil)


  • full body colored (media of choice)
  • full page comic (inked)


  • Realistic sketch
  • 10 icon colored of character

**any additional character is an extra dollar.

**additional background collage is an extra dollar

More pictures for references (hover for descriptions):

heres a colored two chara full body ($6)

two bust/shoulder sketch ($3)

full body colored w/ background ($6)

8 icon set colored (price ranges)

full page comic sketch

Thank you guys so much!!!

If you don’t wanna or can’t afford to buy- please like or reblog to signal boost it. Thank you!!

My paypal email account is:

Message me for more details!!

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